At MEG we cater for all events from a small house party of 30 people to a concert for 30 000 people.

Our goal with sound is to supply the RIGHT equipment to ensure that everyone can hear and enjoy the event. SOMETIMES MORE IS JUST MORE.

We carry a broad selection of sound equipment :

Speakers - 6.5”, 10”, 12”, 15” two way and 15”, 18” subs through to small and large format Concert Systems including the legendary Danley Sound Labs

Mixing consoles - from 2 channels to 48 channels - Analogue and Digital

Microphones -Large variety of both cabled and wireless microphones

Outboard gear – Effects units, gates, compressors, DI’s, splitters

Backline – Drums, Bass amps, Guitar amps, Keyboards

Snakes – from 15m to 100m

DJ Gear – CDJ 400 and CDJ 1000 with DJ mixers

Playback gear – CD Players, DAT Players, IPOD’s

We also have a variety of podiums for your event

For great advice or a quote give us a call on 011 659 7008 or email