Our outdoor 16mm pixel pitch screens are made up of lightweight panels 1024mm x 768mm allowing us to create from small to large standard screens or a variety of interesting different formats.

Standard Screen sizes :

3.072m x 2.304m 9 Panels

4.096m x 3.072m 16 Panels

5.120m x 3.840m 25 Panels

6.144m x 4.608m 36 Panels

7.168m x 5.376m 49 Panels

Our 12.5mm virtual (25mm pixel pitch) screens are made up of panels 1200mm x 1200mm which can be configured into screens from 3.6m x 4.8m. Due to there unique dimensions they work very well as background on stage for fashion shows, corporate events or any other functions where normal stage “flats” would have been used.

Standard Screen Size

3.6m x 4.8m

Our Indoor P6.944 SMD screen is light weight, high contrast (Black LED’s) and High res screen suitable for a variety of applications.

Standard screen sizes :

2m x 3m - 12 Panels

2m x 3.5m - 14 Panels

3m x 4m - 24 Panels

3m x 5.5m - 33 Panels

4m x 6m - 48 Panels

Works well for presentations in high brightness areas, ie marquees, glass walled rooms and where stage lighting is being used.

Makes a stunning stage backdrop to set scenes or create the atmosphere.

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